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Bethesda Changes Name to AbleLight

On January 10, 2022, Bethesda Lutheran Communities was renamed AbleLight. Below, you'll find a letter regarding the name change from AbleLight:


AbleLight: A game-changer for people with disabilities

Friends of Bethesda,

When Bethesda first came to be more than 100 years ago, we were a small Wisconsin organization serving just five people. Since then, with the help of our loyal supporters, generous donors and a dedicated team, we have grown to a national nonprofit that’s benefited the lives of tens of thousands. And we’re just getting started.

Today, we have chosen to undergo an ambitious but necessary transformation that will allow us to deliver new, life-changing services – all while reaching more people than ever before through our Christian mission.

Why are we doing this? After careful consideration, we’ve realized that there is far more that can be done for people with disabilities, and we’re building on our strong tradition as a leader in the field to push the boundaries even further. Simply put: We believe the world shines brighter when people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their full potential.

Our services are more essential than ever before. And our unique approach to supporting the whole person and our drive to continuously improve the world for people with disabilities are what sets us apart in the disability field.


What does it mean for our philanthropy and Phi Beta Chi's support? In short, nothing is changing from Phi Beta Chi's perspective. Our sisterhood has a long history with the organization and we're eager to continue to support AbleLight as they grow and improve the world for people with disabilities.

Phi Beta Chi named AbleLight (then Bethesda Lutheran Home) a national philanthropy at convention in fall of 1981. Both active and alumnae members of our sorority have continued to give back to the non-profit through the years by hosting fundraiser events on campus, making cards, writing letters, mailing birthday boxes, and volunteering at thrift stores. Those same volunteer opportunities still exist and even more may become available as new ideas are developed.

Let's celebrate AbleLight and their growth together as they continue to support people with disabilities so that they may they may live full and wonderful lives!

If you are interested in making a financial gift to AbleLight, visit their website at If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with AbleLight, please contact the Phi Beta Chi National Board of Directors at and we can connect you with in-person or virtual opportunities from their engagement officer.


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